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Industrial Website Development- Lodzdenim

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Industrial Website Developmnent

Lodz Denim offering a quick lead time, reliable and flexible service, and distinctive denim fabric favoured by consumers around the world, Lodz Denim guarantees consistency innovation, affordability, and quality.


We are specific about the quality of products manufactured by us, and intensive care is taken to determine the standard of each and every inch of material dispatched from the plant. A highly efficient as well as fully functional lab has been put up, to test and run the quality check analysis.

Since 2016 Our state of the art denim manufacturing production incorporates the latest available textile technology equipped with plant & machinery from renowned machinery suppliers worldwide. This enables Lodz to offer the widest possible widths in a variety of weaves to meet all customers’ need for sourcing products.



OurKey Features

  • Most Scientifically designed infrastructure and plant lay out keeping EHS and ergonomics in view
  • Latest Integrated Dyeing Range with sophisticated controls
  • High speed shuttle less Tsudakoma looms from Japan with latest technological features and specifications
  • Extreme flexibility for multiple finishing choice in process house with latest machineries with micro processor controllers
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) with three stages of RO and MEE with MBR form Koch, USA to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Installation of Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) at Boiler House for pollution control and sustainable environment.
  • State of the art in-house testing laboratory for fabric and incoming raw materials